Services offered:

LRB Equine Therapy offers individual treatment plans, tailored to your horses needs. Whether he/she 's a competition horse, a happy hacker or retired,  he/she will benefit from sports massage.

Initial consultation 

All new horses/ponies must have an initial consultation, this usually takes about 1 hour 30 mins to complete and includes assessment and the first treatment session.

Follow-up Treatments

These can be remedial or for maintenance purposes. Usually takes between 1 hour to 1.5 hours.

Daniel Kamen Chiropractic Manipulation

Spinal and joint manipulation to correct muscle spasm and joint misalignment.

Photizo  Light Therapy

Light therapy works by energising compromised cells and increasing blood flow using highly beneficial wavelengths of LED light.

Epiony Heat Pad

The Epiony heat pad is used in conjunction with other treatments to sooth sore muscles & aid relaxation.

Hypervolt Percussion Massage

Used in conjunction with massage to soften tight & tense muscles.

Competition Packages

LRB Equine Therapy offers pre and post competition packages, individually tailored to yours and your horse's needs.