What is Salt Therapy?

Salt Therapy is a non-invasive treatment, that involves inhalation of microscopic salt particles. The Newmarket Salt Therapy System uses 100% natural medical grade salt and is drug free, BHA and FEI legal so can be used prior to competition. Salt Therapy does not replace veterinary treatment but provides an excellent complimentary or natural alternative therapy.


The Power of salt

  • Antibacterial

  • Antifungal

  • Antihistamine

  • Removes pathogen agents (airborne pollen)

  • Loosens excess mucus and helps clear lungs

  • Easier breathing

  • Improved lung function

  • Increases resistance to respiratory tract disease

  • Assists in management of COPD, Asthma

  • Strengthens immune system

  • Assists with skin conditions such as sweet itch, ringworm, mud fever, mallenders & sellenders.


How does Salt Therapy help the horse?

Salt Therapy may assist in improving the overall health and efficiency of your horse’s respiratory system and restoring their ultimate capacity to breath. This in turn helps improve stamina, performance, and general wellbeing. Salt is also absorbed through the horse’s skin helping with skin conditions.


How does it work? (The science)

The Newmarket Salt Therapy System disperses microscopic particles of medical grade salt into the air, these tiny particles are inhaled deep into the horse’s lungs. When dry salt is pushed into the lungs, water from the blood rushes towards it and assists in thinning the mucus. Which in turn allows the mucus to be transported up and out of the lungs. This improves the efficiency of the respiratory system, and in turn assists with performance, stamina and boosts the immune system


Salt not only cleanses from the inside but gives great results on the outside. The skin is the largest organ and naturally absorbs the salt. The salt reduces inflammation in the aggravated areas improves the circulation of the skin surface. Helping with skin irritations, allergies, and overall wellbeing.


The natural antibacterial properties of salt prevents the development of bacteria and assists in normalizing the skins pH and improves microcirculation of the skin.


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Is salt therapy suitable for all horses?

Salt therapy can benefit all horses and ponies. Increased cardiovascular function and lung capacity will help stamina and performance for competition and race horses, but is is equality beneficial to manage respiratory issues, enhance wellbeing and improve skin conditions in happy hackers and companion ponies.

Can Salt Therapy be given before competitions/ races?

Yes,  Salt Therapy is completely natural, drug free, non invasive and is both FEI & BHA legal.

Where does the treatment take place?

Ideally an enclosed space such as a stable that can be sealed off. Don’t worry if there’s gaps or no top door, we can bring clear tarps to clip over gaps.

Do I need electricity?

Yes the Newmarket salt system plugs into a standard 3 pin plug. It doesn’t use much electricity so a generator or inverter is fine if you don’t have mains.

What if I don’t have an a stable/ enclosed space or I don’t have access to electricity?

LRB Equine has a specially fitted out salt stable where you can bring your horse for his/her treatment.

Should I be worried that my horse as nasal discharge after salt therapy?

No,  this is perfectly normal after salt therapy, the amount will very from horse to horse. The salt therapy takes time to stimulate mucus movement within the lungs and nasal discharge is a sign that the mucus is clearing from the lungs, this can take up to 2 weeks to clear following treatment. Coughing and sneezing is a good sign this is happening too.

Can I still exercise/ ride my horse during  Salt Therapy ?

Yes exercise can continue as normal, however we suggest your horse is rested an hour before and an hour after Salt Therapy. If we are treating a skin condition the longer the salt stays on the skin the better, so it would be better to exercise before therapy.

How often should my horse have salt therapy?

For all respiratory and skin conditions, all horses require a deep cleanse of  3 x 20 minute sessions over 3 consecutive days. Depending on the severity of the condition 5 sessions over 5 consecutive days may be recommended, leaving 24 hours between each treatment.

Depending on the symptoms and your horse’s individual needs, we recommend scheduling seasonal or periodic top-up treatments to stay on top of lasting symptoms. . A top-up session  is ideal for general well-being or after a strenuous competition/race to aid recovery.