Initial consultation and


Initial consultation 

All new horses/ponies must have an initial consultation, this usually takes about 1 hour 30 mins to complete and includes assessment and the first treatment session. Prior to this veterinary consent will have been obtained.

Initial consultation consists of a full detailed history, static and dynamic assessment. Static assessment, involves me observing the horses conformation, symmetry of muscle development/loss,  any scars/injuries and during which I may palpate the horse to feel for any tender areas, Dynamic assessment involves me observing your horse in walk and when trotted up. 


Following  initial consultation your horse/pony will undergo a full body sports massage, including working on relieving muscle tension, myofascial release, soft tissue manipulations, stretches and use of photizo, hypertvolt and heat as required.

Following treatment I will advise on my findings, frequency of further appointments and aftercare.

Follow up apppointments

As above, following the treatment plan set out at the initial consultation. 

Every treatment is individually tailored to your horse.