Competition package

Are you aiming to improve performance, exercise & muscle function?

Pre-competition massage 

This can be done a couple of days before a competition or on the completion day. Treatment include massage and stretches and is helpful in prevention of injury. Competition packages are tailored to the individual horse's requirements , following initial assessment and are priced accordingly. Please call for more information.

Post competition massage

This assists with the warm down and relaxes tense muscles and assists with prevention and recovery of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). 



How does my horse benefit?

  • Enhanced athletic performance.

  • Increased range of movement & flexibility of soft tissues.

  • Improved muscle tone.

  • Greater endurance, stamina, & reduced muscle pain.

  • Assist with warm up or cooling down.

  • Relaxation of a 'stressy' horse either prior to competing or post competing.

  • Assist in prevention of injury.